Two Year Review of

International Watch Company

Ingenieur Chrono Alarm

Through this review, I will compare my new comments to those I offered after the watch was one month old. That review can be found on the Watch Review Board, or by clicking HERE. The old comments are listed in brown type, the new in black type.


Case, Crystal and Crown

Dial and Hands


Still running incredibly accurately, no further comments.

Strap, Buckle or Bracelet

The bracelet has proven to be incredibly comfortable, certainly the best built bracelet I own. When summer and the hot weather come, I take out a full link and put in my 1.5 size link (see the first link above the IWC flip lock above) and in the winter I go back to the full link. This takes maybe five minutes, and works fine for me. I have heard that the 1.5 size links are no longer available, if so that's a pity, because the 7mm size of the full links does not provide much fine adjustment, and the 10.5mm 1.5 link does the trick. The bracelet is quite flexible, yet rigid side to side, and has not stretched one bit in two years. It has sustained a few scratches, especially at the flip lock. The flip lock snap loosens up every six months or so, I squeeze it ever so slightly in a vise, and it then snaps in tight again.


User Manual and Packaging

Nothing to add.


Again, nothing to add two years later.


This watch has been the best watch I have ever owned. It has become my every day watch, and I really wear it almost every day. It has been tough, accurate and solidly built. Although these have been discontinued, they can still be found in the secondary market for around $2500 give or take. In my opinion, they are well worth the money, and will give the owner many years of satisfaction in every regard.


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