The Nathan Margolis Shop Labels

The Antiques of the Future, Margolis of Hartford, Connecticut

Handwritten Paper Label: The earliest known date is 1908. This type of label was used until 1925 and the death of Nathan. These were written by my grandfather Reuben, and when he was out of town, there was no one else who could write them out. Please note, therefore, that the majority of furniture made before 1925 was unsigned.

Brass Plate: The brass plate was used during the years 1925-1930. The use of the brass plate was discontinued because it was very easy to remove or to put on furniture that was not made by Margolis.

Printed paper Label: The printed paper label was usually attched to the inside of a drawer or to the bottom of a table top. It was usually accompanied by a burned brand.

Margolis Burn without Date: The burn stamp without a date was used from 1930 - 1938. The date was eliminated when the brand was used on a piece of furniture made for stock rather than for a specific customer. This eliminated the argument for a discount on "last year's furniture."

Margolis Burn with Date: The burn stamp with date was used from 1930 - 1938.

Margolis Burn with Border: This brand with border was used from about 1937 until 1941.

Margolis Burn with Border and Signature: This brand with border with the signature of Harold D. Margolis was used from about 1941 until the shop closed.

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Last updated July 2, 1999.